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Khai Minh Camping Trip

We’d like to inform you that there will be an exciting group camping trip this year and you are extremely welcome and highly wanted to join this fun and interesting event . Here is the exciting plan:

1) Place: Live Oak Camp, 4600 Hwy 154, Santa Barbara, CA . 2 hours driving from L.A and 4 hours driving from San Jose.

2) Time: Summer, Friday, 08/14/15, Sat, 08/15/15 and sun, 08/16/15, 3 days/2 nights. We believe it’s much more convenient for friends in L.A to take ½ day off on Friday.

3) Large Group: Expect to have 100 people or more. Only our group at the camp site, privacy, just like last time.

4) Entertainment: We will be having karaoke and an exciting dancing program with live Keyboard One Man Band as well.

5) Activities: Hiking, Swimming, Playing Cards, BB Gun Shooting and Archery Competition, Line Dance, Play, etc…

6) Facility: The camp site has equipped with walk-In cooler and freezer for storing foods conveniently; therefore, each group will be responsible for your own foods. You are free to determine how many friends will be in your group. We will be having all activities together besides the foods. It’s quite convenient, we suggest that each group should cook or order foods in advance since we have walk-in cooler and freezer to store foods during the camping trip. We do have large gas stoves as well or if you prefer to cook at the camp, you can do that as well.

7) Fee: $45/person, including camping sites, T-Shirt and all kind of entertainments. ( Free For Children Under 12-Year-Old )

This is a best place for our camping event. Please discuss with friends and family, get young blood involved as well.

Please contact for more info: Bac Han (415)810-2178, Hung Ta (510)828-5555

Thank you so much all good friends and wishing you all have a great one day at a time.

post date: 1-22-15


德智歌星 : 韓雪香 . 啟明歌星 : 謝國興

video by: Tanya Chen

post date: 1-25-15




From left: 何威棋老師, 張學明老師, 沈清教練, 謝立聲老師, 符志老師, 郭老師




芽莊僑青球隊 VS 芹苴Cần Thơ

video by: Hoa Tram My
post date: 1-19-15



翻開日暦, 十二月, 風緊緊隨着, 呼呼吹好自在,
雪紛紛起舞, 瓢呀瓢不厭倦
翻開日暦, 冬天了 ! 軟厚的绵帽, 及時压緊頭上,
数数年歲, 六十出 , 肩膀隠隠痛, 動一動咯咯吟

寫於 芝加哥 林麗嬌
post date: 12-29-14


在洛杉矶期间喜逢高舜庭兄,熱情招待homemade bánh căn , 令人囬憶童年上学的气氛。
顺此在綱页登刋我創造班的照片,謝謝……。 並祝鈞安

林欣哲 学友
post date: 1-6-15


San Jose Khai Minh Friends

post date: 12-29-14



Hai Chung' Photo Collection
Please, Click for more Photos

post date: 12-18-14

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