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Thank you so much Khai Minh Friends in Canada

剛底達多倫---just arrive Toronto @ 5:00pm

photoed with Loc's family

受到親切迎接---warming welcome

6:00pm let's go for dinner, wait, in California we just only 3:00pm

太古商場--Pacific mall in Toronto, shopping shopping shopping...we love it

big family reunion party

打麻將--Playing Mahjong

are you hungry ?


water balloom game, american vs Canadian

Niagara casino .... we wooooooooon

反板DVD----1$ for a copy DVD, you can find it anywhere

人花比艷---ladies of the month...:-)

looking for fishes? no, we looking for gold

Toronto Vietnamese town--"Toronto Phuc Loc Tho"

Indian temple in Mississauga, Toronto

wishing peace to everyone

多倫多美女--Tran Bich Hoan and Huynh Ai Lien, long time friend

party at Pho Duc Nhu's house, thanks to our good friends

great food were serving...can you see the XO behind the flower vase

home grow vegetable

best BBQ I ever have, thank you anh Duc for invited us for dinner

wow, look at that, so yummy

chi Kieu invited us to her house for dinner

have you try home make Banh Can from Toronto? yes, we had. so delicious

Toronto beautiful ladies

our last day in Toronto

we were invited to a farewell party by Toronto friends

thank you Toronto KM alumni

we were having a great time with you in Canada, thank you for your kindness invitation

hope you can attend Khai Minh school 78 year anniversary party in Los Angeles in 2/19/11

wish to see you all again.....

Hung Ta & KM great writer Pho Duc Nhu

what were they watching, ------khaiminhnhatrang.net, yeaaaa you right!

Han Ai Linh said: "this is Khai Minh NO. 1 website ever.....al lot of news and a lot of photos"

if you want to know KM news or any KM activities, there is only 1 source, check khaiminhnhatrang.net

Welcome "BACK" to the U.S.A.

will post more, please check back
photo by: Hung Ta

post date: 8-10-10

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